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  • Sunlight on the Arthur Findlay College

    Chasing Rainbows – Chapter 22

    The natural world played a large role in my life growing up. Like many people of my generation Sir David Attenborough was one of my heroes. He always spoke with such passion and sensitivity about the natural world and the animal kingdom. I was glued to the TV whenever any of his programmes were on. He taught me that life for everyone on this planet was a battle, survival of the fittest. Every living thing completes a life cycle; birth, growth, reproduction, death and feeds back into the food chain.

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  • Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall

    Prayers for a Divine Service

    In a Spiritualist Divine Service there are generally three prayers spoken. An Opening Prayer to set the tone and energy for the service. A Healing Prayer, to offer healing to loved ones and people in need. Each service is brought to a close with a Closing Prayer. This is to offer thanks for the service, and thanks to the congregation and the spirit world for their participation. 

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  • Caroline Ann Stuttle

    The Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle

    It was the end of another amazing winter season in Meribel, my third in The Three Valleys. I’d first visited in 1999; it was now April 2002. I’d been working as a chef, alongside a host, and ski guide, running a chalet for eighteen guests. It was hard work and it felt like it had been a long season. The snow had turned, making it very wet and slushy; the lower runs were…

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  • Capture Energy Clothing by Richard Stuttle

    Inspiration from Isolation

    All artists paint in an altered state, as soon as they pick up a brush they move into a different space where freedom and inspiration are intertwined. 2020 has certainly been a year that no one expected which threw up many challenges.

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  • Richard Stuttle

    The Originality of Thought

    Original thought is completely necessary. As individuals we must come to our own conclusions, arrive at our own truths. It doesn’t matter whether that truth is a widely held belief or not, if a conclusion has been reached in the mind of the individual then it’s necessary.

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  • Man in front of two paths

    Listening to your Head, Heart and Gut

    Life’s journey is full of challenges. We have an incredible number of decisions to make along the way, sometimes our decisions have a greater impact on our life plan than we can possibly imagine. How we make decisions very much depends on our stage in life.

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  • Man under waterfall

    What is the Purpose of Prayer?

    Prayer is a major part of most religions and can be seen in many ancient civilisations including Mayan, Egyptian and Greek, dating back far beyond 4000 BC. Praying has been considered a powerful force and a way to offer thanks to God and Mother Nature depending on the religion and belief system.

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  • woman hands and light

    Attunement, Sitting in the Power and Meditation

    As part of personal development people will undoubtedly come across the phrases ‘attunement’, ‘sitting in the power’ and ‘meditation’. These are three energetic practices that have very different uses.

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  • old theatre building

    Exploring Physical Mediumship

    Physical mediumship can be best described as; the spirit world manipulating our world through a medium creating tangible physical evidence and proof of life after mortal death. Physical mediumship was more prevalent in the mid 19th and early 20th century.

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  • woman and stars

    Exploring Mental Mediumship

    We are incredibly complex and have developed our senses over centuries of evolution. Our minds are wonderfully elaborate and can be trained and honed to become aware of different vibrations and energies in both our world and the spirit world.

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