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I believe the best ideas in life begin as a simple thought

“Working with the spirit and creativity, we can create something powerful, exciting and unique.”

Richard is a professional artist and published author, creating fine art and intuitive art for healing and wellbeing. He is a working platform medium, spirit artist and healer.

Teaching from a different perspective. Unlocking potential through creativity, spirit art, mediumship and healing. One to one teaching, energy healing and group workshops to promote personal development and finer attunement.

Chasing Rainbows by Richard Stuttle

Chasing Rainbows – the Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle

On the 10th April, the Stuttle family received the worst news possible. The headline in the newspaper read “English backpacker thrown to her death in Australia.” The book is an insightful real-life story of ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Written in memory of Caroline Stuttle, talking about her life, her legacy in Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation, travel safety and stepping out into the world.

“One of the greatest journey’s in life is discovering more about ourselves.”

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Creative Gallery and commissioned work. A selection of original oil paintings and limited edition prints. Inspired and Spirit Art for healing.

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Energy healing is the act of channelling universal energy. Harmonising the flow of energy though the nervous system and around the human body.

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Richard has an interest in creativity, spirit art, mediumship and healing. Blog posts on various subjects relating to personal development and attunement.

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Unlocking your Potential

Spirit Art | Mediumship | Healing

Richard is a working Medium and Spirit Artist, he is also a qualified Harry Edwards Healer. “My interest in creativity and working with the spirit led to helping people unlock their spiritual potential, enhance self healing and wellbeing.”

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