Original Oil & Watercolour Paintings



Gallery & commissions

I have always been interested in art and have a great love for the old masters; Rembrandt and JMW Turner are two of my greats. Through travel I found a world of potential, from the sunsets and landscapes of Australia to the dramatic mountain ranges of the French Alps.

A painting highlights the atmosphere of a scene interpreted through the eyes of an individual, making art unique to the artist who had the thought to create it.


Commissioned works

Capture a beautiful landscape or immortalise your perfect moment. A commissioned piece of art is something entirely unique and could never be conceived by the artist alone.

Each year I set aside time to painting a selection of commissioned works.

  • Oil on canvas | Watercolour on paper
  • Traditional framing | Mounted | Box frames

Average price guide

  • 16″ – 20″ | £100 – £200
  • 20″ – 30″ | £200 – £400
  • 30″ – 40″ | £400 – £700
  • 40″ – 60″ | £700 – £1100

Pricing depends on the level of detail required and time to complete the work. Framing and postage are not included.

Commissions Art by Richard Stuttle


Painted on location or from photographs, a landscape painting can bring the energy of a place to the walls of your home or office.


Capture the unique feeling of your favourite sport on canvas. Painted from photographs incorporating any additional elements.


The art of abstraction offers a way to create emotion and atmosphere without form, allowing the viewer to follow their own journey.


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