Human Alignment - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual



Energy Healing & Human Alignment

Refocus to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Align with your own self healing ability.

Harmonising the flow of energy around your nervous system, throughout your body and energy fields. Releasing and removing any blockages which can manifest over time due to trauma and life experience. Showing your body how to self heal and connect with your personal energy source.

Certified Spiritual Healer

Richard trained with the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, and completing a two year extensive healing and development course. He is fully insured, certified by the sanctuary and registered with UK Healers.

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. Founded in 1946 by the world renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards. The Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through spiritual healing and complimentary therapies.

The Act of Healing


Hands on healing. First, just relax on a massage couch, the healing begins with a grounding exercise and chakra scan. The act of healing takes around 30 minutes. Richard will lay his hands on a series of energy centres along each side of the body. Channelling energy though each point to where its needed the most. Unblocking energy centres, releasing, physical, emotional and mental trauma.

Intuitive Art

Following the hands on healing session. Richard will produce an intuitive piece of art. Alignment with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self. The artwork will help to maintain the healing resonance following the session, offering a gateway to further healing and meditation.

Harry Edwards Healing Richard Stuttle

1 hour Healing

Relax and connect with your energetic self, feel at peace and give yourself permission to align and heal. Strengthen your body, mind, soul and spirit connection. Activate your internal healing capacity and become more aligned with your true nature.

  • 20 minutes – hands on energy healing
  • 30 minutes – Alignment & intuitive pastel art
  • 10 minutes – Relaxation, questions & feedback

Locations for healing

  • Hands on – In person healing, clinic location, York.
  • Hands on – Travel to your home, 25 mile radius to York.
  • Distant – Online over Zoom, intuitive art to be posted.