Another week at the Arthur Findlay College

Another week at the Arthur Findlay College
1st March 2023 Richard Stuttle

Another week at the Arthur Findlay College

Who am I? What is the nature of the world around me? I know I am more than the image I see looking back at me in the mirror each morning, just as we all are. I know the world is more wonderous than I can possibly imagine. The Arthur Findlay College has given me the opportunity to explore these questions over the last twenty years.

I have an inquisitive nature and always felt there was more to life and our existence than what I experienced though just my five senses. I recently spent another week at the Arthur Findlay College on a course titled ‘Energy Management and Mediumship’. It is fundamental to understand your own energy and power, to experience energy or frequency within others and the world we live in.

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We feel different things around different people, some make us so happy, excited and we feel lifted in their presence. Others can leave us feeling drained. Either way, it is not the fault of the other person but only how we react to their energy. The course went in-depth to help better understand our own energy and becoming more aware of how you use it.

As an artist I spent a lot of time painting. Tapping into the world and people with creativity, understanding what I feel about subjects and capturing that energy on canvas. Another part of my work is on the platform in Spiritualist Churches, delivering addresses and demonstrations of mediumship. The basis of it all is to better understand yourself. Defining your own energy allows you to become more aware of the different energies around you. Through shifting focus a medium can give messages from loved ones in the spirit world. It is the same for art, the artist is creating art from their own source and reacting to the world they see.

Whatever you choose to do in life, understanding our own energy is of the utmost importance. This knowledge is priceless. Once we know how we feel (which changes daily) and our own energetic space, it makes a huge difference in how we react to other people and situations we find ourselves in.

  • We realise what are our own feelings and what we are picking up from other people.
  • It is possible for us to change our energy to create stronger connections.
  • We can better gauge the atmosphere of places and groups of people.
  • Creative freedom to flow more freely through us.
  • Our confidence increases in seemingly uncomfortable situations.
  • We can experience feelings and emotions more deeply.

When working with the spirit world, we shift our focus creating a wider channel to pick up information from different energies around us. A question that is often asked is, “Is it me or is it spirit? “. Knowing what you feel, putting yourself in a space you feel comfortable and neutral allows information from spirit to flow more freely.

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Losing yourself in a painting is wonderful. Evoking a flow state when time seems to disappear and inspiration hits is where most artists thrive and wish to be. Allowing feeling and emotions to flow through you without getting entangled in them is when true creativity occurs.

Whichever way you choose to develop and whatever your focus, I can certainly say that life is an incredible ride. For me, time spent at the Arthur Findlay College mixing with likeminded people has really helped me understand more about the nature of our existence and given me a group of friends who are asking the exact same questions as me. I wish you a wonderful journey and constant learning from this moment forward.

Written by Richard Stuttle

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