Does psychic ability increase attunement with spirit?

Does psychic ability increase attunement with spirit?
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Does psychic ability increase attunement with spirit?

There are a few areas of consideration. As part of spiritual development many mediums naturally become aware of their psychic ability. It becomes a tool for better understanding information through perceptive mediumship. The other main area is when a medium is holding connection with a spirit communicator and recipient or sitter. Part of the connection is a psychic link with the sitter to allow the flow of energy and love from the spirit person. The final area I would also like to touch on is the importance of personal development for a medium.

The spirit world has far greater intelligence and a wider perspective than us in our earthly bodies. They are always looking for the simplest and most energy efficient ways to communicate with their loved ones. The more facets and tools the medium has to offer the spirit world the more they will use. When a medium is developing their psychic senses many of the sensations within the body work in a similar manner when tuning into spirit, it is like learning a language. Once the medium understands their own vibrational range on a psychic level the same range is used when working on a mediumistic vibration.

With expanded psychic abilities there is a point of connecting for a spirit communicator, some people in spirit are better communicators than others (just like in life). The wider the understanding or boarder the psychic range, the more subtle energies can be used by the spirit communicator.

As the medium delivers a spirit communication, they are creating a link between spirit communicator and recipient, this link allows the spirit communicator to transfer energy through the medium to the recipient. It is often said during spirit communication that the recipient could feel their love or presence. This flow of energy is enhanced by the mediums ability to connect on a psychic or energetic level. There is also a point to make within public demonstrations, the congregation often can feel the love and emotion of spirit during a demonstration. This is also party down to the medium’s ability to connect psychically to the congregation during the service.

I would also like to mention spiritual healing. I believe that all spirit communication is healing for the recipient and spirit. It’s a wonderful connection, all mediums are healers, and all healers are mediums on some level. They are channelling energy and love from spirit or the God source to the recipient. Become the hollow bone and allow energy to flow.

As a medium, you are dealing with love and in many cases grief and loss in the form of heavy emotion. If you have developed your psychic abilities the spirit world can use those abilities to defuse heavy emotion allowing communication and spiritual healing to flow without the recipient becoming overwhelmed and upset.

The final point I would like to make is around personal development, it is the responsibility of the medium to be working on their personal development. There is nothing a medium can really do to prepare of a public demonstration as it all happens within the energy of the moment. The preparation comes within personal development, and this includes working on their psychic awareness and connection. A quote taken from the teachings of Gordon Higginson has always resonated with me “Before you can touch the Spirit, you must find it within yourself. For all truth, for all knowledge and all love, must be found first within oneself. And the Spirit can never touch you and bring love and peace within your being and from your being, until you have found it for yourself. And before you can build a picture of love from the Spirit, you must learn to find it in this life.”

It is incredibly important to work on psychic ability to help your attunement with spirit. Attunement is partly about awareness of vibrational frequency, the more aware you can be the better channel you become for the spirit world.

Mediums often find they attract a certain type of spirit communicator, someone similar to them. Just as in life, likeminded people come together. A spirit communicator will connect to a medium who is open to their vibration. The wider spectrum you have as a medium the more spirit communicators will be able to connect.

I genuinely feel that when working with mediumship, connection with the spirit world and attunement is vital. There are areas of personal development which raises awareness of spirit and other frequencies, the medium is able to tap into information and give a clearer message or allow a greater flow of energy.

Written by Richard Stuttle