Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form

Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form

Human energy. Its who we are, its everything we see and of course everything we don’t see but can feel. There are a few important aspects in relation to energy, its perpetual existence and how it interacts with us and our awareness to it.

Energy is harnessed to create the world we live in, through the development of science we have defined and understood many different forms of energy which now power our world. Energy takes many different forms. Our basic kinetic level of function, picking up and moving physical items, to the motor functions of the body. Other forms of energy include mechanical, heat, light, electrical, electromagnetic, and nuclear. These forms of energy can be fully measured. Like the electricity which comes into our homes and powers our appliances. We pay for the amount we use. The creation of nuclear energy or the small explosions happening in a combustion engine. It is taking energy in one form and manipulating it to become another. We are not creating energy we are alchemising matter or frequency to change it from one form to another.

When we talk of psychic energy, we are raising our energetic vibration to harmonise with another vibration thus been able to decode information. We are using energy in the same way electrical energy comes down the cable in the TV, creating a picture which appears on the screen. To define the picture, a signal or wave form energy are picked up by the arial or satellite dish and transformed by the electronics in the TV to read the energy waves changing them into pictures which are shown through 1000’s of pixels on our screens.

We have incredible tools within our bodies to translate energy from one form to another. Our ears translate sound waves into electrical impulses which our brains turn into words. Every system in our body is used to translate energy. Our endocrine system, which is closely linked to our chakras is a receptor and transmitter of energy. Our DNA is a transmitter and receiver for information. Our world is made up of different forms of energy that take different forms depending on the interaction. The old question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, the simple answer is No, as there is no ear drum to translate the energy into sound. But the energetic properties around a tree falling still happen, the forces and changing of energy still take effect. If a deaf person were present, they wouldn’t hear the sound, but they would still be aware of the visual, the physical aspects and of course the emotional aspects of a tree falling.

Another nice representation of energy repercussive effect is throwing a pebble into water, the ripples go off getting smaller and smaller, but they will never end. They will become so small we couldn’t possibly register them but as with the nature of infinity they will always be a ripple from one point to another.

Photography is another good example of energy changing form.  In 1939 Semyon Kirlian discovered that passing a high voltage between an electrode and object reviled the energy field around the object in a photograph. A photograph is taken and transfers energy onto a screen or plate which then becomes reflective of the energetic process its experienced. ‘Thoughtography’ as its sometimes called is when different energy states, thoughts or energy fields are captured on a photographic plate. This technique has evolved and today its used in auragraph photography. A person’s physical representation is captured but also their energy fields which are represented visually by colours around the physical form.

Energy is the building block on which everything happens. It’s the power held in a molecule, it’s the shifting from one place to another. The perpetual nature of cause and effect. We have the ability to tap into energy, we can pick up frequency from millions of miles away. Light is still travelling from stars and galaxy’s which exploded millions of years ago. Energy just changes form from one state to another. We can see it in the nature of our planet. The life cycles in mother nature, symbiotic relationships which have kept life thriving on this planet for hundreds and thousands of years.

As mediums we can pick up energy from people living in different times and ages, we see ghosts from different civilisations. It is all energy changing form. Trance is used to pick up information from beings from different worlds operating with the same energy, only using it in different ways. Science says that the universe is expanding, this is perfectly rational as every living being is constantly emanating energy.

Written by Richard Stuttle