Exploring Mental Mediumship

Exploring Mental Mediumship
3rd December 2020 Richard Stuttle

Exploring Mental Mediumship

We are incredibly complex and have developed our senses over centuries of evolution. Our minds are wonderfully elaborate and can be trained and honed to become aware of different vibrations and energies in both our world and the spirit world. As we develop our mediumship, we train our senses to become aware of different frequencies tuning into the spirit world and spirit communicators. This is similar to the way we have trained our ears to interpret sound waves into words and visual information through our eyes into pictures and objects.

There are two main types of mental mediumship with very distinct differences. The first type is ‘perceptive’ mediumship, information is received from the spirit world and is interpreted by the mind and knowledge of the medium. The other type is ‘spirit controlled’, the medium enters an altered state and allows the spirit world to take control of their body, the medium is still aware of what’s happening and is able retake control at any time.

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Perceptive Mediumship

Mediums complete extensive training fine-tuning their abilities; clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairolfactriance, clairgustance and claircognisance. This type of mediumship is primarily used in evidential mediumship, generally dealing with one spirit communicator and one recipient at a time, although multiple spirit communicators may attune to a medium during a single sitting. The medium picks up information from the spirit communicator and interprets the information verbally, emotionally and physically directly to the recipient.

Clairvoyance is arguably the most common of the clair’s and easiest to develop. Clairvoyance is the ability to see pictures, faces and objects in your mind’s eye from a spirit communicator. As visual beings many of us think in pictures or are able to use our imagination effectively, this plays a large part in developing clairvoyance. The spirit world is able to convey pictures and images to the medium when they are attuned. Clairvoyance can be one of the most powerful tools for spirit communication and is also one of the most energy efficient ways for the spirit world to communicate. They say a picture can paint a thousand words, if the spirit world send a picture to the medium its possible for the medium to offer multiple points of evidence from a single image.

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Spirit Controlled Mediumship

Also referred to as ‘trance’ mediumship, the medium enters a deep altered trance state and is able to allow the spirit world to take over parts of their body and mind. A spirit communicator may be able to use the mediums voice box to create sound and speak. The mediums body may also be manipulated by the spirit communicator, taking on their mannerisms which can highlight aspects of their personality. The medium will always be aware of what’s happening on some level and be able to retake their body and mind from the spirit communicator at any time. This type of mediumship is generally used to gather higher knowledge or insightful wisdom to benefit many. Trance mediums often work with so called ‘spirit guides’ or members of the ‘Ministry of Angels’.

To be able to attune to a trance state takes a lot of work and development. The medium must have complete trust in their abilities and in their team of spirit workers. The fundamental difference to ‘perceptive’ mediumship is that the mind of the medium is not interpreting the information. This means the information should be completely unfiltered, the spirit communicator speaks using their words and terminology ensuring the true meaning is conveyed.

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The Medium Must Do the Work

With both ‘perception’ and ‘spirit controlled’ mediumship, it is down to the medium to develop their natural abilities in order for the spirit world to work through them. The responsibility is always on the medium to improve their skills and enhance their understanding. As always, the more developed the medium’s abilities, the better the result.

Written by Richard Stuttle


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