Is Mediumship only telepathy?

Is Mediumship only telepathy?
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Is Mediumship only Telepathy?

Telepathy is based on non-verbal or energetic communication. To start we can look at the origins of telepathy. The word itself is derived from two Greek words. “tele” (afar) and “pathy” (feeling). The dictionary definition of Telepathy is: “Action of one mind on another at a distance, through emotional influence without communication through physical senses.”

It is well documented that telepathy is a real and practical phenomenon. It relates to non-verbal but energetic communication. Most people in everyday life have experienced telepathy on some level, “I was just thinking that!” is a common statement. Or thinking of someone and they get in touch. There have been many studies which all state that it’s possible to communicate through frequency with others.  If telepathy is to be explained by the medical community, they took thoughts as electromagnetic impulses and measure these outside of the body. They have been recorded as not travelling much further than an inch outside the body. This does not fully explain the phenomenon.

There are cases of twins or siblings who know exactly each other are thinking at great distance. It lends itself to thinking that the connection is deeper. There is an example relating prayer given by Silver Birch and the Buddha which in summary states; Praying with only words is meaningless, praying with the depth and sentiment of love behind the words is incredibly powerful and can change the world. This means that feeling and emotion play a huge part in understanding and enhancing your telepathic ability.

Telepathy is one method considered to dispel mediumship; it can be classed as part of cold reading. Cold reading is not the same as telepathy, it is picking up on subtle tells to decipher what people are thinking. Reading their reactions to statements. People cold read naturally and pick up on what’s happening. Mentalists have learned to read these signs and consciously recognise specific responses. There is no connection to mediumship (spirit communicator), or telepathy as both are picking up on energetic vibrations which can be done without the sitter present. Cold reading is picking up on signs as things happen or after the fact.

Communication of mind to mind is not in question and can be done over distance by attaching emotion. We know that a psychic link is mind to mind, connecting energy field to energy field, which includes the aura and auric fields. It is no different in the sense of picking up vibrational energy and interpretating the information through the mind.

Telepathy can be seen as precognition. Time doesn’t function the same outside out earthly existence. As thoughts leave our mind they are no longer bound by linear time as we know it. A thought with a strong emotion attached for a specific future action can be picked up by a perceptive mind in the present. People planning terrible events or natural disasters that may have been planned by a more powerful force or entity can be picked up and deemed as precognition.

There is also a sense that we are communicating telepathically with our own body. Our mind or consciousness doesn’t function within our brain, it is happening externally. We are sending thought waves to our body in order for it to move and react to energetic stimulation. It also makes sense that this process is happening in reverse. Frequency waves are travelling in the form of feeling and emotional reaction by our body to our external consciousness telepathically.

The question comes down to the belief in life after death. Telepathy is being used as a scape goat on picking up spiritual energy. Telepathy itself proves the ability of an individual perceptively picking up on vibrational information but its deeper than just mental energy. It is mental and emotional energy.

In conclusion, it is not possible to pick up information telepathically only reading electromagnetic responses from another person. There needs to be more vibrational energy which is created by emotional energy. This moves the vibration away from telepathy in the realm of psychic ability.

There are emotional frequencies travelling all around our world and felt my many, whether individuals can distinguish these emotions from their own is another question and which comes down to training. When an individual passes to the spirit world they leave their physical body, there emotional consciousness and spirit is still active. Just as when we are alive, or consciousness is external to our body accessible though our mind. Mediumship is communication with the emotional consciousness of people who have physically left the earth plane. This frequency can be understood through the principle of telepathy but cannot account for the distance required or frequency change of a connection with spirit.

Written by Richard Stuttle