Proving life after death with mediumship

Proving life after death with mediumship
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Proving life after death with mediumship

Every medium is unique in the way they work and their attunement with the spirit world. One of the main reasons people visit a medium is to know their loved ones are in the spirit world. To know their life energy continues after mortal death.

Proof of survival is the overarching responsibility of all mediums. Spiritualism is the only religion that constantly works to prove its own beliefs. One of the main reasons apart from bringing a message of love, healing and comfort to a recipient is to offer proof of life after mortal death. This is not always easy.

Proof of survival needs to be factual verifiable evidence. This should include names of people here and in the spirit world, their relationships to the recipient and each other. Ages, physical and character descriptions. Health issues and how the spirit communicator passed. Shared memories and any information about recent events where the spirit communicator was present. If possible, addresses can also be given.

Albert Best was a prominent Irish medium, he saw spirit people from a young age ‘Albert became aware of his psychic gifts at the age of nine. Several times he “saw” an elderly man’s spirit form around the house.’ Before developing his trance and mediumistic abilities he worked for the post office. He was renowned for giving addresses during his platform demonstrations and spirit communications. This is another prime example how the spirit world will use the skills and knowledge of the medium to help give evidence.

Evidence of survival is also down to the relationship between recipient and communicator. If a strong personal connection was present in our world, the communicator can use personal points or situations only known between the two. This can be something similar to a private code. A shared memory, situation or anecdote can be summed up in one word or phrase. Sometimes evidence will only make sense to the recipient, even the medium won’t understand what they are saying or its significance. Especially if the demonstration is in a public setting and the connection is of a personal nature, the recipient might not want the whole congregation to understand all of the evidence given.

If we look at Spirit Art as it is now referred to, a portrait of a loved one in spirit is irrefutable evidence of survival. Frank Leah was a fantastic portrait artist in his own right. He produced some incredible spirit portraits, which when compared to a photograph of a spirit communicators the comparisons are an almost exact match. In the book Faces of the Living Dead by Paul Miller there are many cases studies of drawings and experiences had by Mr Leah. The book starts, ‘“If only I could see his face.” That is the heart-cry of the mourner from the moment the body is laid away until time wears down the sharp edge of grief – or until Spiritualism answers the cry and there appears in reality the voice, the touch, the message, or the face of the living dead.’ (Faces of the Living) What more proof could someone have than an exact portrait of a loved one in the spirit world.

To offer further evidence of survival the medium should ask the spirit communicator for information relating to the recipient since the communicator passed. This will support proof of life after death and that our loved ones in the spirit world are still around us after they have left their mortal bodies. There are many cases after the passing of the spirit communicator when the recipient has been looking through photos or visiting certain places for example and the spirit communicator has been present. This also offers great comfort to recipients.

If a medium is giving a demonstration of mediumship on a platform or in a church setting time is of the essence. It’s important the medium identifies the recipient as soon as possible and uses precise language to convey the information as quickly as possible. Some mediums are able to identify the recipient and go directly to them, if this is possible then it should be done. If not, the information about the spirit communicator should be delivered as succinctly as possible.

What does not constitute evidence of survival and is not acceptable? Giving information about a recipient’s spirit guides, even if the recipient has awareness of their spirit guides or helpers. This misses the point entirely; proof of survival is identifying people in the spirit world who lived on the earth plain with a strong family/friend connection to a recipient. Anything other than this does not constitute evidence of survival.

The prescribing of medication or anything that the recipient might take to feel better or otherwise is not acceptable as part of a communication or as evidence. Also, telling people to stop taking any prescribed medication. This is irresponsible on the part of any medium. The point of evidential mediumship is to prove life after death, mediums are not fortune tellers and should never try to predict the future, pending illnesses, deaths, or accidents. Other things like lottery numbers (Which would be nice) or babies that have not yet been born are also not acceptable.

Every medium is an individual and they have their own ways of working, they use their gifts and develop skills to work in specific ways. Whichever method they adopt the evidence they pass on from a spirit communicator to recipient needs to be of the highest standard.

Written by Richard Stuttle