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  • Long term recovery from serious illness

    When I first got admitted to hospital (Bacterial Meningitis and 1.3cm brain abscess) the pain was so intense all I could feel was the trauma within my body. It took over and I was 100% human, descendant of mother earth. The painkillers, antibiotics and high dosage drugs took the pain away, my body started to slowly repair itself. I felt completely disconnected from who I was before, it felt like I had separated my mind from my body and soul.

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  • Scarborough waves at sunset

    The Healing Process through Creativity

    Before the pandemic, I was introduced to Hester Ligtvoet, we had briefly met a year or so earlier at the Arthur Findlay College. She is a professional pianist, healer, and energy coach. We were interested in how art and music can be combined with spiritual and energy healing. Working together on a weekly basis, Hester played the piano while I produced charcoal or pastel drawings. We worked with energy and the spirit world to create something focused, healing and unique.

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  • Rainbow Scarborough Castle, UK

    Recovery and Healing from Bacterial Meningitis

    I shuffled around my home everything looked the same but slightly different. It felt surreal, the space was the same, but my viewpoint and understanding had shifted. It was me that was different, almost like looking at a well-known painting upside down, I knew what it was, it was familiar, but I could see new shapes. A perspective that I had not realised before.

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  • Hospital with suspected Bacterial Meningitis

    Not the start to 2022 I was expecting. I had not been feeling well or on top form for a while. I thought I was just run down, a cold, and now with the new Omicron variant, I thought that I had probably caught that. I had a headache, it got worse over a couple of days. On the 6th of January, my girlfriend came home from work to find me in bed, curled up in a ball, head under the covers groaning in pain. It was nothing like anything I had experienced before. The pain was unbearable. The paramedics arrived, I was given morphine, and was rushed by ambulance to hospital with a potential diagnosis of Bacterial Meningitis.

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