What is healing and how can we heal?

What is healing and how can we heal?
18th June 2024 Richard Stuttle

What is healing and how can we heal?

There are many forms of healing dating back centuries, almost every culture and civilisation recognised healing in some form or another. From the medicine men and shaman in America to the witches and witchcraft of medieval England. Spiritual healing as it was termed came into prevalence in the United Kingdom around the turn of the 19th century where practitioners would be thought to channelling energy from the spiritual realms. The word spiritual refers to unseen energy which can be felt but not observed by the five senses.

How can we describe healing?

Healing can be described as channelling energy and holding space for a client. The healer is channelling healing energy from the world around them as well as raising awareness to the clients own self-healing ability. Healing restores and rebalances, improving physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The practice of healing is very simple. A healing practitioner will sit with a client and focus on channelling healing energy from the natural and unseen worlds to give support in whatever form it is needed.

A scientific thought to healing

In the 1990’s scientists discovered that there are approximately 40,000 specialised cells that create neural networks in the heart that are similar to cells in the brain. This means that we have a thinking and cognitive part to our being as well as a feeling and emotional part. Both are incredibly powerful and when aligned can give us deeper insight into our true self. We recognise that both parts work in a similar way and offer information to help us realise our true potential and navigate this world.

What happens with life experience and trauma is that all information is recorded within the cellular structure of the mind, body, and heart. This creates patterns and behaviours which can cause us to act in a way that is not aligned with our true nature. Through awareness and alignment, we can become aware of these different part of our being and the energetics attached.

Healing from trauma

The medical profession work with healing the mind, one aspect of our being. Through understanding and rationality, we can make sense of the feeling and emotions that come up within us. Medication can help in some cases, controlling the release of chemicals within the body and controlling the symptoms and emotional reactions and feelings to specific triggers. This is usually coupled with mindful practices and letting go of past events. Energy or Spiritual healing works primarily from the other direction, recognising the trauma in the body and heart. Bringing awareness to these areas and releasing the blockages and build-up of energy.

What happens energetically?

As we grow and develop, we have many experiences which create patterns that define the way we live our life. Simply put, this experience or activity makes me feel good and this makes me feel bad. We build up a picture of our world and create paradigms which we live within, some are positive and others negative. We attach an emotion to these which reenforces the paradigm, so when a similar situation comes in our life, we recall the time before and the emotion we felt. Over time we start to think these paradigms are something which is actually part of us, they come to define us. This builds up energetically within our mind, body and energy system, the more something compounds the more our energy is blocked, and blockages around our system are created. Over time these can manifest physically in the form of aches or pains. Stressful situations for example can often give us tense shoulders. If we have a lot on our plate and people are demanding our time this can manifest as a bad back. These are areas where we have a repeated emotional trigger to a situation and within our energy system and we feel it is part of us. Our conscious mind tries to ascertain the cause and come up with a rational explanation unaware of the paradigm it is operating in.

What are healers doing?

Healers are not healing! They are holding space and making the client aware of their own patterns. The first step is conscious recognition of the pattern or paradigm which the client is living in. The second step is for the client to activate their own self-healing through reconnecting to their own source energy. It’s also worth noting that everyone always connected to their source energy, and we are constantly healing and repairing, sometimes is just running very quietly in the background and we need to bring it more to the foreground within our daily lives.

This works by the healer resonating at their own frequency and connecting with their own source energy in a strong way. This is done through alignment of the different aspects of ourselves in this life; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The healer will then hold space for the client and allowing the energy to flow around their energy system to start to remove the blockages.

In spiritual healing or energy healer, this is often referred to as channelling energy from a higher source. Spiritual healers are connecting with a healing energy source that is aware that the client’s energy is blocked within the paradigms of their lives.

What can we do?

We all have patterns in which we live in and multiple paradigms of thought both positive and negative. Meditation or mindful practices are good to bring us back to the present, they help us to operate in the present moment and align the different aspects of us. The more in alignment we are the easier it is to recognise our patterns and connect more strongly with our own source of healing energy.

Written by Richard Stuttle