What is the definition of good health?

What is the definition of good health?
30th January 2023 Richard Stuttle

What is the definition of good health?

There are many aspects to the meaning of “health”. When we talk of someone’s health, we automatically assume physical health, this is not wrong. The closer we look we start to see that there are many aspects of health that are all intertwined. In many cases illness or an unhealthy lifestyle can manifest physically.

Aspects of health to consider are…

Physical injury – very often a broken bone can be seen, a pulled muscle or torn ligament will result in a limp or the is person unable to move freely.

Illness – this covers a wide range of possible illnesses and cannot always be seen physically. Symptoms are normally described by the individual and can be subjective.

Disease – symptoms manifest physically, some part or organ of the body is not working correctly. This can include infections, genetic defects, and environmental problems. Symptoms can also have an effect mentally reducing the individual to limited ability and movement.

Mental health – not always seen but can result in very serious conditions for the sufferer. These can sometimes be from an imbalance of chemicals in the body. Symptoms can manifest in the form of self-inflected alcohol or drug abuse. Eating disorders or self-harm.

Spiritual health – people are not always aware of their spiritual health and when they are suffering. People can take advantage or add pressure to someone’s spiritual wellbeing. These can be seen in the energy and auras of the individuals and cause symptoms that manifest physically and emotionally in people.

Emotional health – this can take the form of abuse and reduce the persons physical and mental health. Abuse can result in complete loss of confidence and self-belief which can be incredibly damaging to the sufferer.

Environmental health – as we have seen recently with Covid-19 which was classed as a pandemic. A disease which affects people across multiple continents. An endemic is a disease which is always present in the population or epidemic which is a disease which spreads rapidly and unexpectedly through a population.

The world organisations definition of health is: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Traditional Medicine and Energetic Healing

Traditional medicine generally treats disease or injury in isolation, if someone is unlucky enough to break their leg doctors will x-ray, assess, and treat in the best way possible drawing on their knowledge of proven methods. This is likely to be through surgery and pinning or a cast and setting the leg in position so the body can naturally heal. Once the bone is fused back together physiotherapy will rebuild strength and mobility within the leg.

Other aspects that may require attention with a broken leg can include, trauma and compensation by the rest of the body. Confidence, mental health, and energetic wellbeing. This I feel is where holistic therapy and healing can make a significant difference.

Spiritual or energetic healing treats all aspects of the human conditional, body, mind and soul. It is a channel or flow of energy through the healer to the client. The best course of treatment after treating the leg itself will be different for every patient or client. Some may experience real energetic unbalance, for others it might be mental health.

If a client is receiving healing and the healer will have explained that the healing will go to where it is needed the most, the patient will be open to the consideration that there may be more trauma that requires healing other than just the broken leg. This can offer a different mindset or open their thought process to the rest of their body removing focus solely from the leg.

Spiritual or Energy Healing also offers an empowerment to the patient. The practical aspects of the healing process, talking to the patient, support from someone outside the medical profession. This can be very welcoming for anyone undergoing medical treatment.

I truly believe that a combination of complimentary and alternative medicine can offer the best results to anyone who is ill or finds themselves needing treatment.

Written by Richard Stuttle