Would I benefit from a development circle?

Would I benefit from a development circle?
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Would I benefit from a development circle?

A development circle is a safe space and has a host of benefits for both trainee and experienced medium. To find a group of likeminded people who can work together is wonderful and should not be underestimated.

For the trainee medium its incredibly important to find the right teacher or tutor. There’s a long history of people sitting in development circles. Many great mediums past and present started by sitting in circle, finding it an environment for development and fast-tracking abilities.

Benefits can include

  • A safe working environment.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced teacher.
  • Likeminded people on a similar journey.
  • Access to a new community.

For the experienced medium. They may have been active in a few different circles with a few different teachers. Once a medium has more experience, they generally have an idea of the areas they wish to develop and where their natural abilities lay. These can be developed in a circle environment.

Some benefits can include

  • Trance development.
  • Physical phenomena.
  • Deepened mediumship, discussion, and practice.
  • Fast-tracking and pushing every member of the circle.
  • A safe space for experimentation.

Development circles

Hannan Swaffer published his book ‘Northcliffes Return’ in 1924. It was around this time he held a circle which included Maurice Barbanell, he brought through famous teachings from one of his spirit guides called ‘Big Jump’ who would later become known as ‘Silver Birch’.

Emma Hardinge Britten wrote about the development circle in the Two Worlds in November 1887.  “How to investigate Spiritualism, or rules for the spirit circle. The Spirit Circle is the assembling together of a number of persons seeking communion with the spirits who have passed from earth to the world of souls. The chief advantage of such an assembly is the mutual impartation and reception of the combined magnetisms of the assemblage, which forms a force stronger than that of an isolated subject—enabling spirits to commune with greater power and developing the latent gifts of mediumship.”

She went on to lay out a number of rules that applied to her circle, she was famous in her own right and one of the pioneers of Spiritualism, but also for channelling the energy of the Welsh reformer, Robert Owens.

To find the right circle is important. The energy must be right and regular meetings must take place with the cooperation of individuals and their spirit teams. Sitting in circle can be of huge benefit to even the most experienced medium. There is an opportunity for fast-tracking, it is possible to go further within a group energy than just alone.

I have heard stories of amazing happenings in circle from many good standing mediums reporting any number of physical phenomena and direct voice communication from the spirit world.

Written by Richard Stuttle