Healing with Art

Healing with Art
26th June 2024 Richard Stuttle

Healing with Art

I have always found a therapeutic element to painting, each piece of art is a journey through creation and emotion. Beginning with a spark and enthusiasm of an idea, followed by the eagerness to paint and love of creation. The work starts in the paintings detail, a painstaking process of getting each aspect just right, despair arrives when it all goes wrong and the image in the mind is not matched by the result on the canvas. Somehow it all comes together in the finished work and on many occasions the painting is far more magical than the fixed image in your imagination.

In every painting there are moments of freedom when the thinking mind is switched off and the paint is flowing, time is no longer important, and the journey of self-discovery is all that matters.

Through the many hours that goes into each painting I have become aware of the moments I am aware of more, a part of me is accessible where wisdom and healing comes from, a greater source of energy that is a deeper aspect of me. This is the point where healing begins.

It is this starting point for healing that really interested me, it felt like access to a greater part of myself. An authenticity that wasn’t interested in any of the trappings of the conscious mind, or the egotistical outcome of any work of art. It was only concerned about the energy and spontaneity of the moment. This started my journey looking into working with energy and healing, looking at accessing the energetics beyond our five senses. This took me to psychism and mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College and healing at Harry Edwards Foundation. Two world renowned places where I had the opportunity to study under a selection of incredible tutors.

Working with art and healing

My work evolved, offering one to one sessions or group workshops where art and creativity allows us to go deeper and realise more about ourselves and our true nature. We have access to so much more! When working with people on mediumistic and energetic levels art is a beautiful way allow the conscious mind to understand what is happening energetically. Colour has meaning and invokes feeling on another level allowing access to the deeper parts of who we really are.


I have previously written about ‘Auragraphs’ in another post, and I don’t want to cover the same ground. My version of an auragraph is a little different to what Harold Sharp initially created. It is a pictorial interpretation of what is happening and coming up energetically within a client’s field. My role within the process is to hold space and allow the energy to move in a way that is natural for the client and their self-realisation and awareness. The drawing evolves as the session progresses, each drawing is unique, just as each client is unique and on their own journey.

Soul reading

The ‘soul reading’ for lack of a better term brings forward more information for the conscious mind. Again, my role is holding space for the client and allowing the energy to move in a receptive way for greater access and understanding. I also work is healing alignment looking at the different aspects of self in this world. I may also become aware of other energies accessible through a mediumistic faculty.

Workshops and group work

I really enjoy working with groups and hosting workshops, it’s a way we can all feel connected, supporting each other within a safe working space. Although the workshops have a theme and basic outline, I find that moving with the energy and how the exercises unfold is for the highest good of everyone attending. Each workshop unfolds organically because of everyone participating in a respectful and open way. It is a real privilege.

Working with art and healing

These opinions and interpretations are my own, I have developed my own way of working and views on how I feel the work comes forward for me at this time. My evolution is continuing along with my views and ways of working, I know my work will also continue to evolve. As an artist this is what keeps me interested and inspired, I work with likeminded people as I know we can go further as a group than can as an individual. With everyone I have the privilege to work with I always suggest that they tap into their own creativity and though art they have an opportunity for their own personal journey of self-discovery.

Personal growth and creativity are not a nice to haves or things to fit in if there is time, they are a necessity for life in this world however it manifests for the individual.

Written by Richard Stuttle