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  • What is healing and how can we heal?

    There are many forms of healing dating back centuries, almost every culture and civilisation recognised healing in some form or another. From the medicine men and shaman in America to the witches and witchcraft of medieval England. Spiritual healing as it was termed came into prevalence in the United Kingdom around the turn of the 19th century…

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  • Mediumship is a calling

    To become a medium can be an incredibly emotional journey. Mediumship itself is opening up to vibrational energies in this world and within other worlds. A medium is dealing with emotion, grief, and loss with people in this world. They are also a catalyst for greater awareness of life after death within our society and existence. The medium’s main role is to provide evidence of life after death, this in itself is a monumental task should not be underestimated or taken lightly.

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  • Does psychic ability increase attunement with spirit?

    There are a few areas of consideration. As part of spiritual development many mediums naturally become aware of their psychic ability. It becomes a tool for better understanding information through perceptive mediumship. The other main area is when a medium is holding connection with a spirit communicator and recipient or sitter.

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  • What is the definition of good health?

    There are many aspects to the meaning of “health”. When we talk of someone’s health, we automatically assume physical health, this is not wrong. The closer we look we start to see that there are many aspects of health that are all intertwined. In many cases illness or an unhealthy lifestyle can manifest physically.

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  • Scarborough waves at sunset

    The Healing Process through Creativity

    Before the pandemic, I was introduced to Hester Ligtvoet, we had briefly met a year or so earlier at the Arthur Findlay College. She is a professional pianist, healer, and energy coach. We were interested in how art and music can be combined with spiritual and energy healing. Working together on a weekly basis, Hester played the piano while I produced charcoal or pastel drawings. We worked with energy and the spirit world to create something focused, healing and unique.

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  • hands and wild flowers

    Differences between Physical and Mental Mediumship

    What is the difference between physical and mental mediumship? There are many misconceptions when it comes to mediumship, one major distinction that needs to be understood is the difference between physical and mental mediumship.

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