Intuitive Healing with Colour

Intuitive Healing with Colour
11th June 2024 Richard Stuttle

Intuitive Healing with Colour

We may not consider ourselves artists or creative people, but everyone has a relationship and understanding of colour. Our everyday life is full of choices which have an underpinning influence of colour and feeling whether we are conscious of it or not. Colour is within everything; from what clothes we choose to wear each day to the colour of the foods we eat and environments we choose to work and live.

Within healing colour plays an important role, we only need to look at the chakras or colours around the auric field. Colour is given meaning or an easily understood method of understanding feeling. We also know that certain colours have different collective meanings, in nature, yellow and black as a combination highlights caution or red to signify danger. Bright colours of flowers to attract bugs and insects for pollination. We have adopted these meaning within the consciousness of society. Red when driving signifies danger and means stop, green means go as with nature green signifies growth. As within nature we have multiple meanings for the same colour depending on the moment. A deep red rose is inviting insects to come closer, similarly when we think of the red rose we think of love. We wonderfully link colour to different emotional or energetic states, when we interpret this it goes both ways, not only to warn or attract but also to raise awareness and become more present of the moment.

To open awareness to your relationship with colour is to unlock a tool for communicating with your intuition and deeper aspects of who we are. We digest colour in so many different ways, through our visual relationship with colour we can draw attention to our conscious mind of other important parts of us that may wish to be heard.

Intuitive healing alignment

We can use colour in a direct way, for this healing alignment you will need paper, pencil and box of pastels or coloured pencils.

On a sheet of paper draw eight circles in two rows of four. The bottom row relates to your conscious mind and top row your intuitive self.

Each circle along each row represents a different aspect of your being in simple terms.

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

To begin. Relax your body, take a breath and bring as much of yourself into the present moment as possible. Feel your body and become aware of your surroundings. With your eyes open and with your conscious mind choose a colour for each circle. Start with your physical self. Choose colours for your emotional, mental and spiritual selves. As you colour each circle try to feel the colour and the meaning behind why you chose that particular colour.

Take a moment to reflect. The bottom row represents how your conscious mind perceives you and the space you are in currently. How do you feel?

Come back to the centre of you. Gently connect with the first circle, the physical aspect of you. With your eyes closed ask your intuitive self to choose a colour. Scan your hand over your box of pastels/pencils and pick up a colour. Add to the circle in the top row above the colour you chose for your physical self.

Take a moment to feel the colour, what comes up? The colour relates to what your intuitive self feels you need in this moment.

Continue the exercise connecting with each aspect of you and choosing a colour without looking. With each colour feel what it may mean for you at this time.

When you have filled all circles take a moment to reflect, are the colours from top and bottom row similar? What is the top row telling you that you may need at this time?


  • Deepen the connection with your intuition.
  • Listening and becoming aware of the needs of other parts of yourself.
  • Greater understanding of the role colour plays in your life.

In conclusion

It is interesting to consider how aware we are to our needs within conscious thought and how or if it differs to our intuitive self. Repeating exercises like this is a great way we can be more aware on a daily basis to our overall needs and greater aspects of self.

Next time you choose a top to wear, have a thought as to what the colour means for your day ahead. Next time to feel like a certain food or get drawn to the red apples instead of green, ask yourself what is your intuitive self pointing out to you that you might need in this moment.

Written by Richard Stuttle