The Healing Process through Creativity

The Healing Process through Creativity
18th March 2022 Richard Stuttle

The Healing Process through Creativity

I have always had a love for painting, my father, a professional artist, encouraged me to draw and paint since I was a child. I love the arts and how different artists see the world. Through art, the imagination knows no bounds.

Before the pandemic, I was introduced to Hester Ligtvoet, we had briefly met a year or so earlier at the Arthur Findlay College. She is a professional pianist, healer, and energy coach. We were interested in how art and music can be combined with spiritual and energy healing. Working together on a weekly basis, Hester played the piano while I produced charcoal or pastel drawings. We worked with energy and the spirit world to create something focused, healing and unique.

Scarborough waves at sunset

We developed a healing session which brough together a music meditation along with a piece of art. An interesting concept, with weekly development we found that we were perfectly in tune with each other. My hand moving around the paper, perfectly in time with Hester’s inspired notes. We both felt we were led by the spirit world for the good of the individual or intension of our focus. We had both done a lot of development over the years but still were completely shocked how our energy came together and it felt very natural.

I had not wanted to paint or draw since I got ill, I think it was due to the abscess developing on the righthand side of my brain which fed my creativity, and I was left-handed. I hoped I just had to wait. Nearly two months after I was first admitted to hospital I went down to the studio and picked up my paint brushes. I did it with the same intent as I had with Hester, only now the focus was my own healing. Physically, the reduction of the abscess. Mentally, to retrain my focus and my memory. Energetically, to build my energy, realign my chakras and repair my energy fields.

I found it an incredibly interesting process, there was no timeframe and I allowed myself to drift. Each colour and brush stoke was making a different. I tried not to pull anything from my imagination but to go deeper than that. At times I felt like a mechanic covered in oil repairing a huge machine, other times floating and blowing clouds to create various formations and symbols. The art as it had done for many years allowed me to look deeper into the subject matter, I had been a traditional artist in many ways, landscapes, and portraits. Each painting had a purpose, to capture the view or the person in front of me. Of course, all art reflects the artist, but this time there was no subject matter in front of me, my healing was the purpose, and I was the reflection.

For people looking to art to find out more about the healing process I can wholeheartedly say that for me I believe it’s made a difference. Art has always been my creative outlet, allowing me to process my own thoughts. It feels comfortable to draw and to paint without expectation (what I mean by this is to remove all notions of this must be good or thoughts, I am rubbish, a child could do better.) For healing, it is not the final product, but the colours and brush strokes along the way. The act of painting or wherever you choose to engage with your creativity is where the biggest differences can be made. Where the greatest self-healing can take place.

Mixing oil paints

Positive Energy & the Power of Thought

I have always considered myself an optimist, even if it’s just a sprinkling on top of a lifetime of societies negative conditioning. I do try to see the learning opportunity and best possible outcome in most situations.

As I have gotten older, I have learnt more about the power of thought. There is a whole science behind it, like attracts like and the power of visualisation and will. I have experience of how this has worked for me. In my book Chasing Rainbows – The Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle, I talk about living and working in the mountains and meeting likeminded people who have all naturally gravitated together. The same when I was backpacking around Australia, I met people who had the same enthusiasm for travel and who shared the same lust for life. Where it gets interesting is, for example, out of ten people I met, there would be six who shared multiple interests and similar mindsets. Out of those six, maybe two would share a stronger connection.

At first, I didn’t know why or how this manifested, but through years of learning about energy I could feel the levels of connection, shared vibrations in body, mind and soul. These connections are real, only through experience can we understand how we are affected by people, places and situations.

I am using this understanding to help my healing, my body although healed from a medical point of view I feel incredibly sensitive on every other level. I experience everything on a far deeper level, this manifests physically as every sensation or pain has meaning.

Written by Richard Stuttle