Prayers for a Divine Service

Prayers for a Divine Service
5th January 2022 Richard Stuttle

Prayers for a Divine Service

In a Spiritualist Divine Service there are generally three prayers spoken.

An Opening Prayer to set the tone and energy for the service. A Healing Prayer, to offer healing to loved ones and people in need. Each service is brought to a close with a Closing Prayer. This is to offer thanks for the service, and thanks to the congregation and the spirit world for their participation.

Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall

Opening Prayer

Please take a moment to find your quiet space and offer thanks as we open in prayer.

“Father God, divine spirit.

We gracefully accept your healing power and take a moment for our loved ones whose stresses of mind and body may be eased through your divine energy.

Help us to adopt a more positive and helpful way of thought, bring us into closer harmony with those around us and our life’s purpose.

Let us offer thanks for this moment and the opportunity to work with the spirit world. May we experience the upliftment of spirit as we connect two worlds with love and harmony, to bring comfort and healing to everyone in need.

May the good lord bless us all.


Healing Prayer

Please take a moment to offer thanks for the healing prayer.

“God, Heavenly Father

May we be thankful for our blessings, grant our loved one’s relief from pain and protect them from sickness in the days and years ahead. We ask for your healing energies to offer guidance and inspiration to people in need. Your healing thoughts for anyone affected by manmade or natural disasters.

May our love for the earth sustain us. Our trust and belief assist in opening a channel for healing, both here and in the spirit world. Allow us to be conscious of our strengths in all times of need and offer a shining light to others when they need it the most.

Love is eternal, please allow our positive intensions and influences to inspire our community. To help us unite the world the name of healing and peace from this moment forward.

We leave them in your loving care.


Closing Prayer

“God, Heavenly Father.

We thank you for this wonderful service.

We have felt your love and offer our eternal thanks for helping us to follow our true pathway.

To the spirit world who always supports us, we offer our love in return. May your passion and wisdom continue to guide us.

We offer healing to others as you heal us. We ask for your protection and we will protect others. Following this service, guide us so that we can all go forward with confidence and take one step closer to our divine purpose. 

Loving spirit, we bless you as you bless us.



Prayers have far greater meaning than just the words spoken, they help to unite the congregation and bring people together. For more information about prayer please take a look at – What is the purpose of Prayer? 

Prayers written and recorded by Richard Stuttle