Mediumship is a calling

Mediumship is a calling
8th July 2023 Richard Stuttle

Becoming a Medium and practicing mediumship is a calling

To become a medium can be an incredibly emotional journey. Mediumship itself is opening up to vibrational energies in this world and within other worlds. A medium is dealing with emotion, grief, and loss with people in this world. They are also a catalyst for greater awareness of life after death within our society and existence. The medium’s main role is to provide evidence of life after death, this in itself is a monumental task should not be underestimated or taken lightly.

We live in a society with many different belief systems. There has been a steep rise in Atheism over the last twenty years, not everyone believes in life after death. It was not too many years ago mediums were ridiculed and called out as frauds.

Going back to the Witchcraft Act in 1735 people were put in prison or worse. Thankfully this act was repealed in a landmark ruling in 1951, passing the Fraudulent Mediums Act. One of the roles of the medium is to prove life after death, this in itself is a monumental task to a general society that has been guided over the last 50-100 years to believe in the agenda of debunking religion in the pursuit of science and what can be experienced by the five senses. Of course, in the same time period spirituality has also developed. Since what has been recorded as the birth of modern Spiritualism in 1848 in Hydesville, mediumship and mediums have worked to prove life after death. For an individual want to train as a medium and step into this world is incredibly courageous. They are opening themselves up to ridicule by many, and pressure to prove the existence of life after death in every Divine Service or evidential reading.

The development and dedication that’s required to become a good medium should not be underestimated. It takes years of practice and personal development to raise awareness and sensitivity to work firstly with psychic abilities, developing mediumship and a connection with spirit guides, finally spirit communicators and delivering evidential mediumship.

A medium deals with death on a daily basis, not always in the negative but death all the same. If a medium chooses to take part in Divine Services or give private readings of evidential mediumship they are dealing with real people, loss, and grief. A communication from the spirit world can be incredibly healing but also opens up a great deal of emotion within the sitter, their family, and friends. This can be emotionally draining for the medium, steps must be taken for protection.

Along with the dedication required and emotional overload that may be encountered, there are some incredibly humbling experiences. The medium is also a healer, and many mediums also do spiritual or energy healing. This for me goes hand in hand with spirit communication and is one of the most rewarding aspects of mediumship. To have the opportunity to become a channel for communication from spirit is a great honour and privilege. To be able to bring comfort someone who is experiencing loss is incredible, to be able to offer healing to someone is one of the greatest gifts on earth.

Becoming a platform medium is a goal for many trainee mediums but I during their journey they often find a different pathway. Mediumship can take many forms and has many different facets. Many choose the path of healing or trance. All routes usually come with some respect and adoration from people attending services, events or seances. This is pleasant for the medium’s ego, although it’s advisable to keep this in check. Also, some people can become dependent on mediums and become attached. This is common and should be handled carefully.

The choice to become a medium is not easy and can be a very difficult path. There are many personal demons to encounter and overcome along the way. It is also one of the most rewarding journeys, to have the time and patience to find out more about who you really are is a privilege.

A mediums job is to prove life after death, promote spiritualism as a science, philosophy, and religion but it’s also to bring comfort to people. Mediums have a great love for people and generally have a natural tendency to want to help others. Many mediums find it’s a calling rather than a career choice. They want to bring healing to others and become a catalyst for change within society and the human condition. We can never fully understand what awaits us after death but though mediumship, trance and healing we get a glimpse of our true nature and the love we can share with others.

Written by Richard Stuttle