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Understanding & striving towards your potential

Creativity is as much about mindset and mindfulness as it is about skill and ability. Artists spend a large amount of time painting and have the opportunity to develop their psychic, mediumistic and healing abilities.

“Over the years I have defined my own techniques, looking further into unlocking creative potential and enhance personal wellbeing.”

“Nature’s Golden Section.”

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“Living in a world that evolved over millions of years, it is only naivety that allows us think we can answer every question through only one discipline.”

Art, Colour & Psychic Connection

Art opens a gateway into the mind and psyche of the artist.

In this interview Richard discusses his artistic process. The connections he found within within art and colour. How he uses colour, shape and form as a tools to better understand peoples natural gifts and get a greater sense of others true nature.

His talks briefly about mediumship and psychic connecting, the healing aspects of art and creativity.

Blending philosophies

Physical and mental phenomena – mind, body and spirit. By learning to interpret information we are able to pass our knowledge onto others in ways they can understand.

Not one philosophy can explain our existence and the world we live in. Through blending philosophies we gain a clearer understanding of our complex nature and how we came to be. Developing different elements of ourselves we can better understand our potential.


A fact is only considered truth until it’s disproved; scientists are constantly working to expand their knowledge. Through new techniques they are periodically able to confirm or reclassify common beliefs.


The natural world is complex, Darwinism and the theory of evolution sets a firm foundation of the truths we accept today. History offers us a limited picture of the past whereas nature provides every step of our journey to today.


A construct of our conscious mind or something more? Our bodies are made up of more than just our five senses. We develop through life experience, the decisions we make are driven by multiple factors, considering our feelings, emotions and soul. Our consciousness is still not fully understood and transcends our physical lifetime.


A belief that our spirit will live on. This world is a place for the progression of our soul. There is a spark of ‘God’ within us all just as there is a spark of the ‘Devil’. We have the capacity for both extremes, it’s belief, free will and our choices which defines us.


Inspired Communication

There are many different techniques to attune to clients and the energy around us. Every reading is different and starts with intuition, asking the client and spirit how they are comfortable working together. I use a combination of intuitive techniques, spirit and inspired art.

  • All readings are conducted over Zoom.
  • The readings will be recorded with the clients permission and made available.
  • Any artwork created during the reading will be posted to the client.

For more information and current availability please get in touch.

Spiritual Journey | Soul Reading

A 1-hour Soul Reading. Focusing on higher guidance and well-being through connecting with your soul’s energy. Through creativity and colour we create a closer blend with your physical body, higher self (soul) and energy fields. Richard connects using his psychic and mediumistic abilities, communicating with loved ones and your higher self to identify your needs at this time. Journeying on a soul level to reveal information and thought for your life pathway, personal growth and soul development.

Purpose: Alignment | Knowledge | Well-being | Personal development

Energy Healing & Attunement

The Healing attunement is an inner journey of development and alignment, aligning your higher self and physical body to promote improved health and wellness. Creating a stable platform for you to find your own truth and further your connection with mind, body and soul.

Richard trained with the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. He is fully insured, certified by the sanctuary and registered with UK Healers. His Healing session offer, hands on healing and intuitive art for healing and further personal growth.

Private Sessions | Personal Attunement

Discussing your needs and areas you would like to develop further. Private 1-2-1 Sessions are personalised to your stage of development and includes work too fast track your abilities. We will work together on your practical skills. Knowledge and understanding as well as energetic and emotional alignment.

The session includes 1 hour work, plus 15-min Q&A, (via Zoom or in person) and post session development plan.

Purpose: Balance | Healing | Insight | Evolution | Spirit Art | Mediumship

Richard Stuttle


Unlocking Potential

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