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“By exploring the deeper meaning behind what we feel and the energy around us we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our true potential.”

  • Attunement & personal development
  • Psychic & mediumistic connection
  • Healing & energy management
  • Public speaking & demonstrations

Lectures, Group/partner practice and Q&A sessions.

Workshops sponsored by Capture Energy Clothing

Guest Tutors

Alan Stuttle NDD, RCA | Hester Ligtvoet | Klas Johanson | Brea Segger | Katie Marie | Kristina Allen

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Student Feedback


Art, Creativity, Attunement, and the Spirit World | SOLD OUT

  • Six workshops (First Thursday of each month starting 1st June 2023 missing September as I am on holiday, sorry!)
  • Time | 7pm – 9pm
  • Held at The Old School, Mill Lane in Wigginton, York YO32 2PU
  • In association with The York Group of Spiritualists

Strengthening your Connection to Spirit with Art & Colour

Working with spirit is a great privilege. The spirit world work with us in many different ways, utilising our skills and sensitivity to impart important messages to loved ones on the earth plane. Using art and colour, we can add new skills to help connect, communicate, and refine our attunement with the spirit world.

Spirit Art. Firstly, you don’t need to be an artist!

When working on personal development or with the spirit world, art and creativity are fantastic assets. Art and mediumship have a natural harmony. These developmental workshops will help to enhance your understanding of self and strengthen your connection to spirit.

Please click course overview below for full details…

Course Overview

Spirit Art, Mediumship and Healing

The Beauty of Colour – Colours vibrate at a certain frequency. As mediums and sensitives, we can attune with colour vibrations to gain a greater awareness and information.

Spirit Art & Creativity – Drawing faces from spirit. Capturing loved ones on paper. Drawing memories, artifacts and symbols related to a spirit person.

Healing Arts – Spirit art has a deeper aspect. Healing is the underpinning vibration for all mediumship and spirit communication.

This is a practical series of workshops with partner practice sessions, platform demonstrations, and group exercises. Each workshop is designed to open greater understanding of your spiritual gifts. You will learn various aspects of art and colour which will aid your own spiritual development and strengthen your connection with the spirit world. 

Workshops dates in 2023

Held of the first Thursday of each month. From 7pm – 9pm

  • 1st June | The Meaning of Colour – Introduction to colour & spirit art – Attunement with colour, psychism and mediumship.
  • 6th July | Colour in Readings – Interpretating colour in spiritual readings – Using colour to unlock deeper information from a spirit communicator.
  • 3rd August | Art in Nature – Drawing energy & feeling from nature – Connecting to the natural world and the natural part within yourselves.
  • 5th October | Spirit Art – Faces of loved ones in spirit – Drawing portraits and symbols relating to a spirit communicator or spirit guide.
  • 2nd November | Meditation – Art & colours for your own spiritual development – Personal development and private readings with colour.
  • 7th December | Healing Arts – Activate your self-healing & healing for others – Art and healing with your mediumship and psychic connections.

Address of venue

The Old School, Mill Lane. Wigginton, York YO32 2PU

Workshops run from 7pm – 9pm | £12 per workshop or £60 for all 6 workshops.

To book and register for the workshops, please contact Vince from The York Group of Spiritualists on or call 07952 843398


Spirit Art & Colour

  • Date | 10th June 2023
  • Time | 10am – 4pm
  • Held at The Old School, Mill Lane in Wigginton, York YO32 2PU
  • In association with The York Group of Spiritualists

Enhance your Connection to Spirit

A one-day workshop diving into colour and spirit art. Unlocking your creativity and connect to spirit. Expand your consciousness and add to your spiritual toolbox. Understand the meaning behind colour, symbols, and spirit portraiture. Expand and unfold each element to find out how it relates to your own development, to a spirit communicator and recipient.

The workshop includes

  • Colour attunement and energy alignment
  • Mandala and mindful art
  • Auragraphs and psychic readings
  • Portraits, spirit guides and mediumship

Please click below for workshop overview below for further details.

Spirit Art and Colour Workshop

Workshop Overview

The meaning of colour – deepen your understanding of colour. What it means to you within the moment, and how to realign to your soul self.

Spirit art and mediumship – portraits and evidence of loved ones in spirit. Bring forward emotional release and healing for the recipient.

Private readings – explore your sensitivity and alignment with colour and symbols, within private sittings and open circles.

Healing with art – develop your healing and self-healing ability with art. Bring healing into your mediumship and spirit communication.

The workshop is informal, building a strong energy in the group and a teaching framework with the spirit world. The day will include, demonstrations, partner practice and group exercises as well as platform experience to build confidence. All materials are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

Address of venue

The Old School, Mill Lane. Wigginton, York YO32 2PU

Workshops run from 10am – 4pm | £20 for the day.

To book and register for the workshops, please contact Vince from The York Group of Spiritualists on or call 07952 843398


Spirit Art & Creative Mediumship

  • Weekend workshop | 22nd & 23rd July 2023
  • Time | 12pm – 4pm (UK time)
  • Conducted over Zoom

To be a medium requires sensitivity, emotional understanding and a great deal of dedication. Fine tuning your mediumship is a lifetimes work, adding art and creativity can open a new way of connecting to the spirit world and your recipient.

During the course Richard and guest tutor will deliver a series of short talks and demonstrations, discussing important elements relating to art and creativity within mediumship. Demonstrations of step-by-step processes to add creative techniques into your spirit communications. Group and partner practical sessions will develop your understanding of how art and creativity can be brought into your mediumship and connection with the spirit world.

Please click below for workshop overview below for further details.

Workshop Overview

Session format (Timings may vary as the spirit world inspires)

  • Talk & Demonstration
  • Group exercises & partner practice
  • Feedback, Q&A

Course Overview

  • Session 1 – Using colour and creativity in your mediumship and healing

Many mediums will use colour in their readings and healing sessions. This pushes the principle one step further looking deeply into how the spirit world can work with colour and the creative medium.

  • Session 2 – Inspired art, unfolding pictures and drawing with spirit

We all have an artist inside of us, as mediums we find ourselves in an altered state where inspiration can flow freely. A picture paints 1000 words, we can use art to unfold stories from spirit in greater detail.

  • Session 3 – Art and clairvoyance, symbols and evidence from the spirit world

Developing your artistic abilities takes practice and similarly to mediumship you must find a way it works for you. This session will help explore how you can translate information received through the ‘clairsenses’ into art.

  • Session 4 – Bringing art and creativity into your readings and public demonstrations

We all must connect with our congregation or sitters and keep to time. Mediumship is only part of the picture. This session takes a deep dive into building confidence and refining attunement for public speaking, delivering a heartfelt prayer, reading or inspired address.


Your Soul Connection | SOLD OUT

  • 1-month workshop | 4 sessions | November 2023
  • Time | 6pm – 8:30pm (UK time)

How do we connect with our soul? Firstly, we must understand the connections within ourselves and to our physical environment. Through life experience we learn different skills to be able to function in this world and society. To develop the connection with our soul we can use our existing skillset in a slightly different way, becoming aware of our feelings and emotions we can deepen our connection with who we truly are and strengthen our relationship with our soul.

Finding purpose. Once we have opened communication to our soul, we have an opportunity to ask ourselves what we chose to learn in this life and what’s our purpose. This is an ongoing conversation to make sure we are reaching our potential and striving to better define our life’s purpose.

Course Overview

Session format (Timings may vary as the spirit world inspires)

  • 60-minute Talk & Demonstration
  • 60-minute Group exercises & partner practice
  • 30-minute Feedback, Q&A

4-week course

  • Week 1 – Recognising our skills and life choices

At certain point in life when we have the opportunity to look back at our pathway up until today. Recognising our unique skillset and our pathway through life, by refining our decision making processes we can make more informed choices going forward.

  • Week 2 – The nature of our existence on earth

Exploring the nature of life on earth. Discussing this life, how we learn and put our skills and natural abilities to the best use. Asking the questions, why we are here? What we have chosen in this life and what travels with us to the afterlife?

  • Week 3 – Conversations with our soul

Our soul is more experienced than our physical body and wiser than our years on earth. Learning to converse to different aspect of ourselves, creating the opportunity to find out more about what our soul would like to experience.

  • Week 4 – Striving for our potential and finding purpose

Developing your plan. We are happiest when we feel like we are realising our potential each day. When we find ourselves on the right path, we are true to ourselves and working towards our lives purpose.


My Spirit, Purpose & Attunement

  • 2-day residential workshop

  • Running September 29th – 30th 2023

  • All-inclusive price £350 (2 nights’ accommodation, food & tuition)

  • Add an additional night £80

Awakening your spirit and deepening your understanding. This 2-day workshop is designed for people looking to develop a further understanding of self, find inner rhythm and align with a new way of thinking.

The course is for people who have opened the door to their spiritual journey and completed work around personal development. They will gain a different perspective and skillset to use when approaching life’s situations. Tap into creativity, spirit and healing to further develop their intuition and energetic abilities.

Please click below for course overview below for further details.

2-day residential course overview

Session format (Timings may vary as the spirit world inspires)

  • 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • Talk & Demonstration
  • Group exercises & partner practice
  • Feedback, Q&A

2-day residential course

Day One

  • Check your Spam Filters – Body, Mind and Soul
  • Transformation of Colour – Changing meaning and emotional attachment
  • Follow the Glimpses – Bringing new opportunity into your life
  • The Healing Arts – Creativity, understanding and healing

Day Two


  • Knowledge, Awareness & Response – Your energetic and public presence
  • Healing & Intension – Attunement and partner practice
  • Limitations of Consciousness – The limit of our conscious mind is our biggest asset
  • Creativity within Emotion – Unlocking your creativity with the group

Please note: The accommodation for the course is located right next door to the gallery and studio. Catering for 8-12 people per course (6 private rooms and 3 twin rooms. A discount is given for shared rooms, please contact us directly). It is a wonderful teaching and productive space. The course will run between meeting spaces in the accommodation and the artist’s studio and workspace in the gallery.


The Spirit within Art & Music

Weekend workshop | Coming 2024

With Hester Ligtvoet & Richard Stuttle

Workshop overview

Two day workshop

Part one – The first part of the workshop looks at spirit within the creative arts. The tutors offer an insight into world renowned art and music to better understand the intention behind the work.

Conversation around the power of listening to music, the silence in between each note and the effect it has on our consciousness. How we can use the captivation of music to enhance our thought processes and create a meditative state.

A dive into the arts, looking at the colour, vibration and energy within a work of some of history’s most famous artists. Discussion around how our bodies react and why we resonate with certain artists and their work.

Part two – The second part of the workshop looks at connecting with our own spirit and how we can better understand the spirit within through art and music.

Becoming more perceptive to art and music, understanding the importance to our own thoughts and wellbeing. Developing meditation techniques and noting the positive reaction within our brain.

Group sessions and partner practice to help explore, understand and develop your own talents. Developing imagination, using music and art to open the intuitive abilities with yourself.

One of the main aims of this workshop is for you to embrace your creativity, understand the important role it can play in your life and forge a deeper connection with other aspects of self.

Past Workshops | 2023

Exploring Psychism & Mediumship through Art & Colour


Exploring Psychic Ability & Mediumship through Art & Colour

  • Weekend workshop | 4 sessions over two days 
  • Conducted over Zoom
  • Time | 12pm – 4pm (UK time)
  • Date | 15th & 16th April 2023

An introduction to working with energy and the spirit world. Alan & Richard Stuttle and guest tutors deliver insightful lectures and group exercises, opening awareness to your own energy and the spiritual energies around you.

Art and colour are used throughout the course as tools for connecting with energy and interpreting information. Tutors explain the exercises, give a demonstration of mediumship and psychic ability before putting the students into group or partner practice sessions. Each session ends with feedback and a Q&A.