What is your brand

What is your brand
24th October 2017 Richard Stuttle

Stage 4 – What is your brand?

Branding your business

Once your business has established a web presence with active social media accounts, the next stage is to define your brand and its boundaries. Creating a brand for your business is vital, and if you work with any third parties such as printers, marketeers or web designers it is crucial that they all follow your brand guidelines and formula.


Bringing together your brand and defining your profile will help to improve your online profile and increase bookings. With digital trends and machine usage constantly changing, it is easy to quickly become out of date. It is important for your business to stay at the cutting edge, as this will improve page rankings and raise the profile of your business online.

  • Logo – high quality in all placements, determine usage
  • Text – Tone of voice is consistent and represents the brand
  • Colours – a set palette used on all online and print copy

Print copy

All marketing materials, such as business cards for networking events, brochures, and promotional flyers to give to guests can be expensive to produce. Designers like to have a brief and branding guidelines to work to, both of which will cut down on design time and result in a finished product that aligns with the rest of your brand.

  • Business cards for owner and business
  • Flyers for events and promotions
  • Brochures for business overview and services
  • Menus for special evening and themed menus


Your website is the foundation of your business’s online presence, and a place where you have the freedom to show off everything you do to potential customers. It is important that your website is clear, concise and offers easy navigation so your customers can find their way around various offers and the services you provide.

When developing a new site or updating an existing site put some thought into the following elements:

  • Mobile first development
  • Optimised web-ready images
  • Video content
  • Text and body content
  • Colour scheme
  • Social media and blog
  • Print copy
  • Booking systems and integrations
  • Contact and location details
  • PDF and downloadable materials


What is your brand? It is worth putting a lot of thought into what your brand represents and your target market has a large bearing on the colours, fonts and logo design.

When designing a new website, learn about the platform on which it’s built. Make sure you understand how to upload new content and update sections. This will save you money on future development work.


Design – A price guide for, daily consultancy, design and rebrand, complete website development. Please contact me for a personalised quote.

Paint – All artwork are individually priced on my site or partner sites. All commissioned works are priced on request.

Tuition – Painting workshops and courses are priced per event. Personal tuition is available on request.

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