Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility creates a foundation of how we live our lives. We are responsible for ourselves, our actions and what we do in life. It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to treat ourselves with the respect we deserve. We feel responsible for others and prioritise their happiness over our own. This is a noble pursuit but can in many cases become detrimental to our own health and wellbeing.

It is our responsibility to surround ourselves with people who challenge us, people who believe in us and have the vision to see our potential. Just as importantly, it’s our responsibility to cut people from your life who are not in our best interest our working towards achieving our true potential. The painting shows a solid pyramid structure highlighting the importance of a stable foundation. Once we understand and embrace the fact that we are personally responsible for ourselves and others we can take control of our lives.


Oil on Canvas | 32″ – 40″

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

Seven Principles

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism offer a belief system and way of living in this world. As an artist I was interested in capturing these ideas in paint. Each principle has multiple meanings which are interpreted the individual, we sometimes need different ideas and thought processes to make sense of what we are experiencing. The paintings offer multiple angles and different dimensions in which the viewer can extract what they need within the moment to realise their own truths.

  • Fatherhood of God
  • Brotherhood of Man
  • Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
  • Eternal progress open to every human soul
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth
  • Continuous existence of the human soul

Why are there only six paintings? Well, the seventh principle is us – Eternal progress open to every human soul. We take inspiration from the other six principles or paintings to further our progress through this life.


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