Scarborough, North Bay

Scarborough Sunrise. Oil on canvas
Scarborough Sunrise. Oil on canvas

Scarborough Sunrise

There are many amazing views of Scarborough Castle from the North Bay, with the light behind the castle makes for a dramatic painting. I particularly liked this angle with the sweep of the bay and the barrier making you stop for a moment to enjoy the view.

These colours changed each morning. The only way I felt I could capture this view was using a palette knife. Allowing the texture of the paint and blending of colours create the image.


Oil on Canvas | 18″ – 24″

Price £ 350

Part of the ‘Merde floue’ series

I had decided to create an impressionist style painting, playing with paint and texture using only a palette knife. A young couple were walking past our gallery. The lady stopped and looked at the painting in the window. Her eyes lit up, turning to her partner she said, “Wow, what do you think of this painting?” He turned, after looking for a moment said, “Blurry shite.” This inspired me to paint more in this style. Sounding better in French the ‘Merde floue’ series began to form in my mind.


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