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Hospitality Design Services


Hospitality is more than a job, its a lifestyle.


Are you starting a new business, or looking to refresh your business and brand?

I grew up in hospitality, originally training as a chef. As my career developed I focused more on operational management, marketing and design. This has given me a comprehensive overview of how hospitality businesses run and best practice. 

I work mainly with SME’s as I feel its where I can make the biggest difference.


Where Creative Design can Help

Logo & Brand
Copywriting | Website Development

Online Presence | Social Media

Design Print
Menus | Flyers | Vouchers

Interior Design
Aesthetics | Art & Design

Operational Systems | Checklists & Compliance

Menu & Dish Specs | Sourcing & Costings

Hospitality marketing
Hospitality marketing

Maximising Your Online Presence & Increasing Brand Awareness. Attending The Independent Hotel Show for the first year recently, I was asked to be part of a panel discussing Marketing and Online Presence in the Hospitality Industry on the exhibition’s Innovation Stage.

Marketing your hospitality
Marketing your hospitality

Marketing your hospitality. Once you have reviewed your online presence and removed anything which could be detrimental to your business, the next stage is to start marketing your business.

Talk to your guests
Talk to your guests

Talk to your guests. No matter where people find your business online, you need to be proactive and keep talking to them whether it’s in the form of blog posts, special offers and events on your own website.

What is your brand
What is your brand

What is your brand? Branding your business. Once your business has established a web presence with active social media accounts, the next stage is to define your brand and its boundaries.

Marketing campaigns
Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns. Launching marketing campaigns and other incentives to attract new business can be a daunting prospect – it’s often said that in marketing, 50% of the budget is wasted… the trouble is we don’t know which 50% it is!


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