Painting Bursary 2016

Painting Bursary 2016
4th September 2019 Richard Stuttle

Painting Bursary 2016

Four young artists from a York school have been awarded funds to pursue their careers.

Alan Stuttle visited Huntington School to present his Art Bursary to sixth form art students Emma Wiseman, Ella Richards, Selina Broadley and Mae Crook.

The annual bursary is presented in memory of Mr Stuttle’s daughter Caroline, a former pupil who was killed while backpacking in Australia in 2002. Cassie Garbutt, subject leader, said the £500 was split between the students.

Stuttle painting bursary

“I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” Vincent Van Gogh

“It’s nice for the students. Alan’s lovely, and it’s great for him to come and see what the students are doing. We love the arts, they are important for the students to explore their creativity and an opportunity to work independently and enjoy and express themselves.”

The school also hosted a one-night Arts Festival on Thursday, to mark the school’s 50th anniversary, with displays and presentations by students.