Albert Best Medium

Albert Best Medium and Healer
Albert Best Medium and Healer

Albert Best

Albert Best (1927 – 1996) was a Northern Irish medium. He became well known as one of the greatest psychics, mediums and healers of the 20th Century. He was a renowned tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.

Commissioned portrait, hanging in the library at the Arthur Findlay College.


Oil on Canvas | 24″ – 30″


“I go through tortures before every demonstration. But once on the platform I become icy cool. I am not afraid of the ‘dead’ — only of Spiritualists!” Albert Best

Demonstrating his mediumship privately or publicly Albert came through with some the most astonishing details in proving between the world of spirit and world but also he was the channel for countless out­pourings of healing energy, so often bringing results in total defiance of medical prognostications.


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