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  • Does psychic ability increase attunement with spirit?

    There are a few areas of consideration. As part of spiritual development many mediums naturally become aware of their psychic ability. It becomes a tool for better understanding information through perceptive mediumship. The other main area is when a medium is holding connection with a spirit communicator and recipient or sitter.

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  • Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form

    Human energy. Its who we are, its everything we see and of course everything we don’t see but can feel. There are a few important aspects in relation to energy, its perpetual existence and how it interacts with us and our awareness to it.

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  • woman hands and light

    Attunement, Sitting in the Power and Meditation

    As part of personal development people will undoubtedly come across the phrases ‘attunement’, ‘sitting in the power’ and ‘meditation’. These are three energetic practices that have very different uses.

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