Attunement, Sitting in the Power and Meditation

Attunement, Sitting in the Power and Meditation
3rd December 2020 Richard Stuttle

In Spiritual Development what is the difference between Attunement, Sitting in the Power and Meditation?

As part of personal development people will undoubtedly come across the phrases ‘attunement’, ‘sitting in the power’ and ‘meditation’. These are three energetic practices that have very different uses. Spiritual practitioners will need to be accomplished in each practice and understand the fundamental differences between them.

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Sitting in the Power

This starts with the basic practice of sitting in your own energy and building your own power. It can begin with a light meditation, a focus on the energy centres within your own body, especially the root chakra and solar plexus. People will be able to build the power within themselves to help them work in day-to-day life and prepare to work with spiritual energies. Experienced practitioners will be able to build their power quickly and recharge their bodies. They will also become aware of how their power builds, where it emanates and best practices for them.

The purpose of sitting in the power is to understand your own power and energy, finding out methods and techniques that work for you as an individual. It’s akin to recharging yourself from your own point of divinity, tapping into the spark of God within yourself to find and expand the truest form of your own energy. Sometimes the case may arise that a person is feeling fatigued. Sitting in the power can help to restore and recharge energy to carry on with the tasks in hand.

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The word was first used by Lloyd Arthur Meeker. ‘Attunement was the early term adopted by practitioners of energy medicine, originally developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker (1907 – 1954) and his colleagues. Meeker taught and practiced Attunement as a central feature of his spiritual teaching and ministry, Emissaries of Divine Light.’ The term was associated with syncing with specific frequencies that can offer a different sensation and awareness of an alternate reality. When a spiritual practitioner speaks of attunement they are describing tuning in to different vibrations and energy levels, specifically when linking with the spirit world. People become aware of different vibrations and are able to attune their vibration to match, which in turn creates a link so communication can take place.

The purpose of attunement is so that mediums and energy practitioners are able to differentiate between different frequencies and the subtle differences between communicators. If teaching or working in group sessions, then the practitioners need to be able to attune to the energy of the group. It’s important to note for teaching tutors must attune to a teaching mode stabilising the energy with the students a in order to enhance learning.


Meditation can be used as a starting point for both sitting in the power and attunement. From a light state of meditation people can choose to focus on their own power or attunement to other frequencies. Meditation can also be used for self-healing, finding information, understanding more about self and linking with the global consciousness. It can offer a route to increased awareness of other vibrations of energy.

Meditation has many purposes, for the individual it can be a starting point for self-development and self-discovery. Practiced meditators can journey to a deeper understanding of their subconscious mind. Living in our hectic and sometimes chaotic world, meditation can offer a way people can reduce stress, release and reset their energy. It has been scientifically proven that meditation can reduce stress. Many levels of meditation can offer a place of relaxation, opening to inspiration and a level of harmony where practitioners can harmonise with themselves, our world and be inspired by the spirit world.

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Understanding Self

All three states of being are incredibly important for understanding yourself, your power and the different frequencies that surround us. Each has a very specific use and takes a long time to master, it is widely known that people don’t often feel the real benefits of meditation until years down the line. Sitting in the power and attunement are practiced in a specific way to help with the connection of self and others.

Written by Richard Stuttle


Unlocking Potential

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