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  • Proving life after death with mediumship

    Every medium is unique in the way they work and their attunement with the spirit world. One of the main reasons people visit a medium is to know their loved ones are in the spirit world. To know their life energy continues after mortal death. Proof of survival is the overarching responsibility of all mediums. Spiritualism is the only religion that constantly works to prove its own beliefs.

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  • Arthur Findlay College

    Another week at the Arthur Findlay College

    Who am I? What is the nature of the world around me? I know I am more than the image I see looking back at me in the mirror each morning, just as we all are. I know the world is more wonderous than I can possibly imagine. The Arthur Findlay College has given me the opportunity to explore these questions over the last twenty years.

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  • Sunlight on the Arthur Findlay College

    Chasing Rainbows – Chapter 22

    The natural world played a large role in my life growing up. Like many people of my generation Sir David Attenborough was one of my heroes. He always spoke with such passion and sensitivity about the natural world and the animal kingdom. I was glued to the TV whenever any of his programmes were on. He taught me that life for everyone on this planet was a battle, survival of the fittest. Every living thing completes a life cycle; birth, growth, reproduction, death and feeds back into the food chain.

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  • Capture Energy Clothing by Richard Stuttle

    Inspiration from Isolation

    All artists paint in an altered state, as soon as they pick up a brush they move into a different space where freedom and inspiration are intertwined. 2020 has certainly been a year that no one expected which threw up many challenges.

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  • woman and stars

    Exploring Mental Mediumship

    We are incredibly complex and have developed our senses over centuries of evolution. Our minds are wonderfully elaborate and can be trained and honed to become aware of different vibrations and energies in both our world and the spirit world.

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