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  • What is the aura?

    As living beings, we all have an aura. An energy field that extends outside of our physical body. There are a few important factors to consider when discussing the auric field. Someone who is new to mediumship will already have worked with their aura and the aura of others in a different capacity and will understand it through different terminology.

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  • Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form

    Human energy. Its who we are, its everything we see and of course everything we don’t see but can feel. There are a few important aspects in relation to energy, its perpetual existence and how it interacts with us and our awareness to it.

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  • Is Mediumship only telepathy?

    Telepathy is based on non-verbal or energetic communication. To start we can look at the origins of telepathy. The word itself is derived from two Greek words. “tele” (afar) and “pathy” (feeling). The dictionary definition of Telepathy is: “Action of one mind on another at a distance, through emotional influence without communication through physical senses.”

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  • Mindfulness in Scarborough

    Simple Mindfulness Practices

    Life can be extremely hectic, everything around us is designed to distract and keep us busy. Take some time for yourself whenever you have the opportunity, time spent relaxing or looking at your own personal development is never wasted. The more you can feel comfortable with yourself and in your own skin, the better you will be able to interact and appreciate the world around you.

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  • Anatomy, Physiology and the 11 systems of the human body

    Anatomy – Structure of the body or biological organism. This includes plants and animals. Multiple parts which usually work together to produce a particular function. Physiology – Functions and processes in relation to the structure (anatomy) in this case the human body or living organism.

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  • What is the definition of good health?

    There are many aspects to the meaning of “health”. When we talk of someone’s health, we automatically assume physical health, this is not wrong. The closer we look we start to see that there are many aspects of health that are all intertwined. In many cases illness or an unhealthy lifestyle can manifest physically.

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  • Long term recovery from serious illness

    When I first got admitted to hospital (Bacterial Meningitis and 1.3cm brain abscess) the pain was so intense all I could feel was the trauma within my body. It took over and I was 100% human, descendant of mother earth. The painkillers, antibiotics and high dosage drugs took the pain away, my body started to slowly repair itself. I felt completely disconnected from who I was before, it felt like I had separated my mind from my body and soul.

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  • SNU Art Competition winner Richard Stuttle

    SNU Art Competition

    2022 is the first year the SNU have run an art competition, the theme was ‘Save Your Earth’. I decided to enter the competition.
    Environment Art Competition
    Using the theme “Save Your Earth (personal responsibility)” this competition invites you to use your creativity to design an art poster. As well as £100 for the winner, and £25 for two runners-up, the work will be shared on this website, our social media channels, and in the “SNU Today” magazine. The winning design will be printed and sent to every SNU Church to display, and inspire Spiritualists throughout our network.

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  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    The road to recovery can sometimes be longer than you think. It can be frustrating, especially when an injury cannot be seen, but only felt or experienced. It is down to the individual to interpret what’s happening physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Issues with mental health and personal happiness can often be overlooked by others and health care professionals.

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